Where one keeps his or her most prized items of fashion, such as clothing, watches, shoes, and etc, the wardrobe is one of the most authentic representations of one’s personal style. Therefore, it should be exclusively designed to suit the owner’s specific needs and desires. Armarior will ensure that every detail of your wardrobe, from the types of materials used to the layout of the compartments, will bring to life the wardrobe of your dreams.

Premium Quality

Feel free to select from our wide selection of premium quality materials, from leather to aluminium, to craft the wardrobe that you’ve always dreamed of.

Perfect Fit

Regardless of the size and type of items that you own, we will ensure that each of your possession will have its own customised compartment to reside in neatly and aesthetically.

Easy Access

Whether you prefer a 90º or 180º door, we will build one that doesn’t only fulfil your aesthetic preferences, but which also elevates your convenience to access your clothing items.

Kinetic Watch Display

Our fully customisable watch rack comes with a high quality acrylic cover, and is equipped with a battery-operated auto-rotation system that ensures your kinetic watches keep running.

Built-in Lighting

Fancy an elegant display of your beloved suits and clothing? Illuminate them with light, in the colour of your choice, and elevate your wardrobe to a whole new level of sophistication and class.

Smooth & Silent

Our wardrobe drawers boast a smooth and silent mechanism that ensures easy opening and closing, with an additional anti-slam feature to prolong durability.