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We all know that a well-placed mirror is an easy way to transform a room, making it seem brighter and more open by bouncing light around. But hanging a large wall mirror can be daunting—and, if not done properly, downright dangerous. So we asked our in-house stylist to show us the best way to hang an oversized mirror on standard drywall to ensure that it’s totally secure.

Before You Begin

Locate your studs. The safest way to hang heavy items on drywall is to install them directly on top of wall studs, which are the vertical pieces of wood that the drywall sheets are attached to.

Find out how much the mirror weighs. If it’s newly-purchased, you can probably find that information on the packaging or retailer’s website; otherwise, you’ll want to weigh it. (A mini luggage scale is great for this purpose!) Use that information to determine the size wall screw you’ll need.

Make sure your mirror is ready to hang. Turn it over and see if there’s already hooks or other hanging hardware installed. If not, you’ll have to attach it yourself.

Hanging a Mirror on Drywall

1. If you’re hanging your mirror over a piece of furniture like a dresser or console, measure the item’s width to determine exactly where the center of the mirror should be.

2. Hold your mirror up in its desired location on the wall, and make a light pencil mark at the top edge of the mirror.

3. Turn the mirror over and measure the distance between the hanging hardware or wire and the top of the mirror, then go back to the wall and make a second mark that same distance below your original pencil mark. This is where your wall screw will go.


4. If you’re hanging the mirror on a stud, you can go ahead and drill the screw directly into the wall. If you’re not able to attach it to a stud, install a drywall anchor first.

5. Hang your mirror and adjust until it looks perfect!

Your mirror will now be securely attached and ready to brighten up your space.

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